Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing Stories

Hailey & I have been doing school work to get her ready for Kindergarten.
One of her favorite things is to dictate stories, then illustrate them.
Here are two of her cute stories:

"Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess.  She lived in a beautiful big castle with pink flags.  She had a beautiful, beautiful coach.  But the problem was, there were no horses for the coach.  But then that very night, she heard a neigh.  It was pink horses!"

If you look closely, you can see the footman.

This mystery isn't finish, but here's how it begins:
"Once there was a creepy monster.  Then Scooby-Doo's friends saw the footprints of the creepy monster.  They followed the foot prints.  The monster had very long toe nails."

Here's Velma, Shaggy and Scooby.  Shaggy is saying, "These are really big feet!"  Shaggy also is frowning, since he is doesn't want to follow the foot prints.  And Velma's wearing her glasses.   

 Hailey loves watching the old Scooby-Doo.  Velma is her favorite character, because "She's the one who solves the mystery," says Hailey.   She has pretend black glasses like Velma's.  We find her pretending to be her somedays.  Since Hailey loves all things princess, we swore Daphne would be her favorite.  Hailey is quite complex.    
One funny thing...When Hailey draws people she starts out with a stick figure, and then dresses them.

A Good Cuddler

Jack is such a sweet heart!  He loves to have his Mama hold him!  He loves to cuddle in my bed.  He carefully pulls back the blankets and slips in.  Doesn't he look so comfortable?
This little guy just melts my heart!  He is so gentle, kind and caring.  He has great manners!  Which mom isn't melted by a sweet little voice saying, "More please," or "Tank-you Mama."  Ahhh, I just love my little boy!  

Fluffy's B-day Party

Hailey woke up one morning with a plan for the day!   She explained that her newest Build-A-Bear toy had never had a b-day party.  (Good thing no one reminded her all the others have never had a b-day either!)  She quickly explained the plan for the party.  She  said, "Fluffy Cat needs at cake.  She likes strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and sprinkles." (Of course I only had white cake and white frosting!)  "Then we need to go to the party store for balloons.  Pink ones.  Because that is Fluffy's favorite.  Then we need to get her some presents."  

I put aside all my plans for the day, and decided to let her direct our activities.  We went to the store for the cake mix.  We made the cake during Jack's nap.  I convinced her that Fluffy had never seen the old toys.  So she went through a bin of old McDonald's toys and found lots of nice presents for Fluffy!  She wrapped them up in gift bag and even put in some ribbon ("because cats like ribbon," she added).  After Jack's nap, we picked up the balloons.  Fortunately, I had bought her two (really one for her and one for Fluffly).  Fluffy, lost hers outside before the party!
We had a great time !  After eating dinner, Hailey put the candles on the cake, we lit them and sang Happy Birthday to Fluffy.  Hailey and Jack helped blow out the candles.

Here's Fluffy's birthday party.  

Jack told he tonight his Build-A-Bear puppy, named Fluffy Puppy, needs a party too!  He said, "Fuffy Puppy need birfday too!"  Good thing I can convince him that Fluffy Pupy likes white cake!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh what to do in the Summertime?

Hailey's been out of school for about 3 weeks!  We have actually been quite busy.  We've had a countless number of miniature tea parties (the cups, plates, tea pot, and silverware are tiny.  So the snacks we make are super tiny).  Many dress-up days.  Lots of experimenting with make-up.  Lots of silliness.  Park days.  Pool days. And a long list of things still to do!    

Miniature Tea Party.  Everything is so small you can's even make it out in the picture! 

Crazy glittery make-up.

Cute Jack being a scary lion.  He is in Hailey's bed.  For about a week he asked nonstop to "Get (in) Hailey's bed?"  It's a top bunk, so I'm always a bit worried about things getting rough up there, and someone falling out!  

I must explain.  This is Hailey's Build-A-Bear costume piece.  She wanted to make Jack a mermaid.  Poor little boy!

Lots of huge toy messes!  Someone once told me, you have to take your kids to the park lots in the summer.  This way, the mess is not at your house.  I understand this very well now!

New Summer Tradition

We really like barbecuing hotdogs and sausages on Friday's.  The kids like eating outside and roasting marshmallows.  Jack simply likes eating marshmallows.  We lost count how many he ate.  He kept sneaking them.  So we've decided to make this  a weekly event!  We've only missed one Friday this past month.  That Friday it was almost 100 degrees and way to hot to do anything!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hailey's Growing Up

Here's Hailey back in Aug. '08, on the first day of school.
She brought her black purse, with a pink bow.  Most days, she takes a purse to school.

Hailey's last week of school, June '09.  Look how much she's grown (it's the same easel). 
She is very poised and confident.  She has a pink coin purse filled with money and necklaces.

Hailey's Pre-K Graduation

This afternoon Hailey officially graduated from Pre-K.  She is Kindergarten bound!  

At the graduation, her teacher told a cute story about each child.  She said Hailey is remembered for coming to school in costume and carrying out that role.  She was always coming to school in a princess dress, and acting the part.  The kids then got their diploma.  Hailey was in a unhappy state most of the program, as her hat kept coming off.  When Hailey was called to receive her diploma, Teacher Jeanette, stopped and took out the bobby pins in her own hair to fasten Hailey's hat.  So sweet!  To break up all the talking, T. Jeanette had the kids sing a song for the audience.  This kept the kids from getting too wiggly.  Great idea!  After Teacher Jeanette talked about all 24 kids, there were ice cream sundaes for the kids and cheese cake for the adults! 

 It was sad to see all the kids running around playing, knowing this is the last time they'll all be together!  Hailey and I have both made great friends!  Her school is a co-op or a parent participation school.  They required each family work once a week.  So each week I worked with the same 8 parents.   We hope to have many playdates throughout the summer!  Unfortunately, none of her friends are going to her school next year. 

At the end, each kid gave their Mom a long stem rose!  So sweet!  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Need to Catch up!

So I am quite behind on my blog!!!  I have been busy working on a photo album for Hailey.  This actually is requirement for Hailey's co-op nursery school.  At first I thought that this was a dumb idea.  I'm glad I had to do it. otherwise, I wouldn't have done it!  
I love iphoto!  It made it easy to put together a 30 page album, with over 200 pictures of her school year.  I can wait for the book to get here!  
Anyway, I've posted about 4 new entries.

Jack's Birthday

Jack turned 2 way back in March (just catching up)!
We had a great day.  First we all went on a train ride and then on a restored carousel (over 100 yrs. old) that has an original organ.  So fun.  Jack was excited about the train, until we got on. Eventually he enjoyed the ride.  We let him pick lunch-McDonalds.  We never go there, so he was thrilled!

A very excited boy opening a train!
Jack is such a sweet little boy!  He melts our hearts.  He has a sweet voice.  He is very considerate and always say "pease", and "tank-you."  He always asks, if "You okay?" if he bumps you.  He has an adorable gallop when he's excited about something.  He love all things boyish (cars, construction truck, trains, riding bikes).  He can name just about every construction vehicle.  He asks me to take him in the jogger to the train station.  He says "Mommy jog train?"  He loves his Mama and he loves to cuddle!  He is just a cool little guy!!!

And I have one more brag about our most adorable 2nd child...he is 26 months now a pretty much potty trained! Big boy undies and no accidents today!  

Jack's Birthday Cake

This was my first creative b-day cake.  I am actually pretty proud of how it turned out!  The engine was green (like his then favorite engine Percy).  There were jelly beans in the tender car.  I drew the face on an Oreo.  And the wheels were Ritz smores.

After the candle were blown out, cake eaten and kids in bed, something happened to my adorable cake!
This is what happens when Nick is left alone with a cake.  And I am not talking about eating so much as recreating.  I think maybe they were trying to eat the giraffe out??? Hmmmm? 

Jack's Tiger

Jack was sharing popcorn with his Tiger during Movie Night Friday!  He kept saying, "Here Tiger," and then feeding him.
This same Tiger was involved in a biting incident.  At bedtime, Jack said, "Tiger bite me."  I asked where he was bit.  And Jack replied, "Finger." "Are you okay," I asked.  He said, "No!"  And then got sad.  Then I said in a Tiger voice, "I'm sorry Jack for biting you.  Are you okay?"  Jack answered yes.  And the Tiger kissed his finger.  Funny kid!!!

A Happy Mother's Day

Hailey picked out the cutest shell earrings for me for Mother's Day.  They are also very noisy.  But I wore them to church anyway!  Any turn of my head, and I'd jingle.  So much for reverence.