Wednesday, December 17, 2008

After much complaint...

 I've finally spent the time to figure out some blogging things.  Now you can actually read our blog.  
"Yaah," for some (mostly family)! 
"I waited for that!" from others. 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Music

Hailey is like an MP3 player.  She is constantly singing Christmas music.  While grocery shopping she was singing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas."   Her version goes like this: "Have a holly jolly Christmas, (blah, blah, blah) please have snow and mistletoe, and a cup of beer!"  I smiled the first couple times, but just couldn't contain myself, as I realized that is how she's memorized the song!   

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Funny Things Hailey Says

Hailey's monthly school newsletter always includes cute things that each child says.  Here's a conversation from it.

Hailey: My Mom calls me alligator.
Gilford: Alligator?  Alligator is a green big animal with many teeth, he lives in the water and you don't want to be called an alligator.  Tell your mom to change it.
H: Oh! Okay!
G: My dad is very silly, he always does silly things at home with us.  My mom is only silly sometimes, not all the time.
H:  My Dad is fun!

I'm glad the reporter ended it there. Who knows what else she could have said?  At least she didn't say that I was no fun!  And for the record, I have never called her alligator.  What else does she make up about us?

Hailey was talking about these two funny boys from her class.  I mentioned that they were twins.  I asked if she knew what this meant.  She replied, "Yah, they got out at the same time"

Family Photos

Her are our recently taken family pictures.  It's always so hard to choose one out of 25 pictures.