Sunday, December 6, 2009


My kids love their Great Grandma. So when we found out she was coming for Thanksgiving, along with Nana & Papa (Nick's parents), they were thrilled.
I cooked the entire meal, since our company arrived Wednesday night. I really enjoy cooking, so it wasn't a big deal. Hailey loves making pie. So she was able to whip up pumpkin pie.

Gram, as we call the kids great grandma, spoiled the kids with presents. Hailey was thrill to get Uno cards. We played a countless number of games, during their visit.

I just love this picture of Gram and Jack. He adores Gram, and is always asking to call Gram. Also, he always finds a rock for her on all our hiking classes.

It was a fun visit!

"Two Babies..."

The past two weeks Jack has been telling stories. They usually begin, "Two babies..." Then he makes up a terrible and naughty thing they did. Usually they, "Get into my toys and mess them up." Or they, "Open my drawers and rip all my clothes." Or they, "Draw on my lunch box." Or they, "Break my toys." Those "Two Babies," are always up to something. Nick calls them the Ninja Babies, because none of us have seen them! But, I think Nick mostly wants to hear Jack going around, talking about Ninja Babies!