Sunday, December 6, 2009


My kids love their Great Grandma. So when we found out she was coming for Thanksgiving, along with Nana & Papa (Nick's parents), they were thrilled.
I cooked the entire meal, since our company arrived Wednesday night. I really enjoy cooking, so it wasn't a big deal. Hailey loves making pie. So she was able to whip up pumpkin pie.

Gram, as we call the kids great grandma, spoiled the kids with presents. Hailey was thrill to get Uno cards. We played a countless number of games, during their visit.

I just love this picture of Gram and Jack. He adores Gram, and is always asking to call Gram. Also, he always finds a rock for her on all our hiking classes.

It was a fun visit!

"Two Babies..."

The past two weeks Jack has been telling stories. They usually begin, "Two babies..." Then he makes up a terrible and naughty thing they did. Usually they, "Get into my toys and mess them up." Or they, "Open my drawers and rip all my clothes." Or they, "Draw on my lunch box." Or they, "Break my toys." Those "Two Babies," are always up to something. Nick calls them the Ninja Babies, because none of us have seen them! But, I think Nick mostly wants to hear Jack going around, talking about Ninja Babies!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jack's Stitches

Tuesday, was not a good day for us! I was not having a productive morning. I was going jogging later, so hadn't put on make-up or done my hair, when I dropped Hailey off at school.
After we were home, Jack ran outside when he heard the trash truck. I peeked outside at him and found him standing on his tricycle hanging onto the gate watching the trash truck. I started walking out the door when he fell backwards off his trike. Everything moved in slow motion. I couldn't get there in time to catch him. He fell slowly too. After he hit the ground with his bum, he rolled back and didn't even hit his head. I scooped up my screaming child and realized his lip was gushing blood. I had a feeling he might need stitches, but the phone line to the peds. office and urgent care, was down. After trying to get through for 30 min. I took him to the appointment only urgent care. I felt I might go postal if they heckled me about not calling! We were both covered in blood, so we quickly changed shirts before going. At least I could try to look a little better than the no make-up and crazy hair.
Well they sent him to the ER to get stitched up. They gave him a few shots to numb his lip. The doctor said that it would sting and be very painful. And it was. While he screamed, kept asking me to hold him, and that he needed me! Oh poor guy! The doctor had me hold him down. It was a bloody show! After the shot, the doc put in 3 stitches. I laid Jack special blanket across his eyes so he would see what the doctor was doing. He laid so still as she sewed him up. The doctor was amazed at how still he was! She said he is a special little guy! Boy do I know that!

We came home to find a big get well card from Hailey and Nick!
He told Nick first thing, "I got stitches."
Lots of popcicles are helping is recovery! We all are happy to have lots in the freezer!

Friday, September 11, 2009

We've Come Far

Cornell Branch Women
Spring 2005
Playdate at Lynnie's Sorority House
Now where are we? Almost all have just sent our first born off to kindergarten. All have 2 or more kids. Our lives are all drastically different now, post Ithaca! And we thought life was challenging then! I do miss these days! To bad we spent so much time wishing we could leave that dreadfully cold place! I miss all our talks and simply having so many people in exactly the same place in life! We'll have to get together someday! Who knows, maybe the kids will meet up at college?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Babies

Since we have live here in the bay area for a year now, I figured I should get some pictures up on the bare walls. I put these 2 pictures in a frame together! I just love to look at my sweet little babies! Can you guys who's who?

Monday, September 7, 2009

4th Week of School

Hailey is starting her 4th week of school. She has gotten our morning routine down. During the day, Jack still asks, "Where Hailey?" about 2-3 times. I thought I would be able to get lots done with 1 child away. But, I still struggle to find time to jog 3xs each week.
I'm glad our classroom meets for lunch every Friday! All of us have made new friends. Jack loves playing monster with all the big kids. And I have met some new friends too.

I thinks she is adorable in her uniform! Check out her watch! She proudly bought it with birthday money!

I think she misses being home. I am soooo glad she is only in a half day kindergarten! She asks when she gets to stay home. I think it has been hard for her to switch from last years 3 days a week, to 5 days a week now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Officially 5

Hailey finally turned 5! This was a big one! Her b-day fell exactly one week before school started. For months, I've been trying to teach Hailey to blend letter sounds, to read. For months, I've been trying to get her to eat salad. For months I've been trying to get her to..... Anyway, her response became, "When I'm 5, I will know how to_____," or "I will like to eat______ ,"or "I will________!" I dismissed it until I had a conversation with her, when I realized she believed she was going to wake up and magically know how to do these things , or her taste buds would like these things. Then the night before her 5th b-day, she was addamet about sleeping on the floor. She told me, "When you turn 5, your teeth fall out. And tonight I am turning 5. My teeth are gonna pop out and I will loose them, since I sleep on the top bunk . And then I might not find them to put under my pillow for the tooth fairly!" Thank goodness my Mom was visiting and sleeping on an air mattress. Hailey thought that was close enough to the floor. First thing in the morning she felt for missing teeth. She was disappointed none fell out. She search many mornings after to see if she had lost her teeth! Tonight, she told me her teeth are loose. (They really aren't.)

Months ago, Hailey announced that she would not be having a b-day party! Ah, wonderful I thought. Then, Ms. Party Planner explained our family would be going to Disneyland instead, since "she hadn't gone for a while and was forgetting what it looked liked!" So we figured that might be okay, but we wanted to wait until the summer crowds were gone. About a month before her b-day, she decided she wanted to have a Fancy Tea Party Birthday. No problem, I thought, since last year we had a Tea Party B-day. I was ecstatic when there were only 3 friends on the guest list! And even more excited about the activities. We would have her friends over, dress up in fancy princess dresses, put on make-up, paint nail, and then have a tea party. I was thrilled to not plan games! I'll post the pictures on another post!