Thursday, August 27, 2009

Officially 5

Hailey finally turned 5! This was a big one! Her b-day fell exactly one week before school started. For months, I've been trying to teach Hailey to blend letter sounds, to read. For months, I've been trying to get her to eat salad. For months I've been trying to get her to..... Anyway, her response became, "When I'm 5, I will know how to_____," or "I will like to eat______ ,"or "I will________!" I dismissed it until I had a conversation with her, when I realized she believed she was going to wake up and magically know how to do these things , or her taste buds would like these things. Then the night before her 5th b-day, she was addamet about sleeping on the floor. She told me, "When you turn 5, your teeth fall out. And tonight I am turning 5. My teeth are gonna pop out and I will loose them, since I sleep on the top bunk . And then I might not find them to put under my pillow for the tooth fairly!" Thank goodness my Mom was visiting and sleeping on an air mattress. Hailey thought that was close enough to the floor. First thing in the morning she felt for missing teeth. She was disappointed none fell out. She search many mornings after to see if she had lost her teeth! Tonight, she told me her teeth are loose. (They really aren't.)

Months ago, Hailey announced that she would not be having a b-day party! Ah, wonderful I thought. Then, Ms. Party Planner explained our family would be going to Disneyland instead, since "she hadn't gone for a while and was forgetting what it looked liked!" So we figured that might be okay, but we wanted to wait until the summer crowds were gone. About a month before her b-day, she decided she wanted to have a Fancy Tea Party Birthday. No problem, I thought, since last year we had a Tea Party B-day. I was ecstatic when there were only 3 friends on the guest list! And even more excited about the activities. We would have her friends over, dress up in fancy princess dresses, put on make-up, paint nail, and then have a tea party. I was thrilled to not plan games! I'll post the pictures on another post!


Angella said...

Oh, Hailey, I can't believe you are FIVE and in Kindergarten! Craziness!

The kids are so cute (as always), Jenny! That train ride looks like it was super fun! Is that something we could do w/ the kiddos sometime? How long of a ride was it to get to the beach? I want to see you soon, so let's plan something in the next few weeks... maybe Labor Day? That might be fun!

Lynnie said...

Are you sure our kids are old enough to be loosing teeth and going to kindergarten and acting all growed up? Crazy. I still remember going to eat lunch with you at that school you were teaching at where the students made the food when we were both pregnant and thinking - man, her baby is gonna be so much younger than mine. i guess not really huh?