Monday, September 7, 2009

4th Week of School

Hailey is starting her 4th week of school. She has gotten our morning routine down. During the day, Jack still asks, "Where Hailey?" about 2-3 times. I thought I would be able to get lots done with 1 child away. But, I still struggle to find time to jog 3xs each week.
I'm glad our classroom meets for lunch every Friday! All of us have made new friends. Jack loves playing monster with all the big kids. And I have met some new friends too.

I thinks she is adorable in her uniform! Check out her watch! She proudly bought it with birthday money!

I think she misses being home. I am soooo glad she is only in a half day kindergarten! She asks when she gets to stay home. I think it has been hard for her to switch from last years 3 days a week, to 5 days a week now.

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