Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jack's Stitches

Tuesday, was not a good day for us! I was not having a productive morning. I was going jogging later, so hadn't put on make-up or done my hair, when I dropped Hailey off at school.
After we were home, Jack ran outside when he heard the trash truck. I peeked outside at him and found him standing on his tricycle hanging onto the gate watching the trash truck. I started walking out the door when he fell backwards off his trike. Everything moved in slow motion. I couldn't get there in time to catch him. He fell slowly too. After he hit the ground with his bum, he rolled back and didn't even hit his head. I scooped up my screaming child and realized his lip was gushing blood. I had a feeling he might need stitches, but the phone line to the peds. office and urgent care, was down. After trying to get through for 30 min. I took him to the appointment only urgent care. I felt I might go postal if they heckled me about not calling! We were both covered in blood, so we quickly changed shirts before going. At least I could try to look a little better than the no make-up and crazy hair.
Well they sent him to the ER to get stitched up. They gave him a few shots to numb his lip. The doctor said that it would sting and be very painful. And it was. While he screamed, kept asking me to hold him, and that he needed me! Oh poor guy! The doctor had me hold him down. It was a bloody show! After the shot, the doc put in 3 stitches. I laid Jack special blanket across his eyes so he would see what the doctor was doing. He laid so still as she sewed him up. The doctor was amazed at how still he was! She said he is a special little guy! Boy do I know that!

We came home to find a big get well card from Hailey and Nick!
He told Nick first thing, "I got stitches."
Lots of popcicles are helping is recovery! We all are happy to have lots in the freezer!


Lynnie said...

ouch! we have yet to have any stitches but maybe that's because we just haven't had any body parts opened up that can't be superglued. Seriously. John's family secret - they lived so far from town that his mom glued everybody shut. i don't look forward to stitches either. get well soon jack!

Teressa Pickett said...

At least you put him in a red shirt in case it bleeds. Oh poor little Jack. Hailey looks so cute laying on him, but I'm sure he wasn't too happy about getting stitches. Guess it comes with having little boys.

Amy said...

poor Jack!
I hope you guys are well!

Shari said...

Poor Jack! I love the get well card. Very cute.

joanie fairbank said...

Poor little Jack! It's a tough job being a mom and trying to save toddlers from themselves at every turn. We just had an ER trip with James after he took a spill from the kitchen counter. So sad, but he's okay too.