Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break

After Easter, the kids and I went to Grandma's house in Southern California.  We went to a train museum (forgot the camera), went to the Monrovia (year round) Street Fair, played at the park with their aunt and uncle, and ate at many of our favorite places!  Grandma drove back home with us!  Unfortunately, she could only stay a day.  

Hailey and Jack loved the 3 week old baby kitten at Grandma's house.  Hailey named it Orangers, before we even got to Grandma's house.  I tried to explain it wasn't even orange.  She just wouldn't believe me.  But she still calls it Orangers.  

Orangers' history as told by Hailey.  "Cookie Dough (male cat) married Aunt Chas' cat Kitty (female).  Then they had a baby kitty.  I missed their wedding!"  I believe we have taught our children good family values!
I can't believe this is Hailey's and Jack's first snow cone.  We've been depriving our children of childhood experiences! 

It was a fun time & thankfully, the Dramamine worked on Hailey both ways!  

Jack Post-Op

Jack's orchiopexy surgery was last Friday.  He's making a complete recovery and back to making mischief!

Here are some pictures 6 hours after his surgery.  He looks pretty good!

Here's the new blue pick-up truck that he got that morning!  He held onto that truck, a wind-up chick and his blue blanket named Nay-Nay, when they wheel him away.  

About 30 minutes before wheeling him away, the nurses gave him verced, a narcotic, to make the separation easier.  It also gives them no memory of leaving their parents.  Side effect, it makes the recipient act as if they're drunk.  Jack was hilarious!  

The worst part of the day, was trying to comfort him as he came out of the anesthesia!  He was screaming, pulling at the 3 heart monitors and IV, and thrashing.  It seemed like this went on forever.  He finally calmed down with morphine! 

I imagined that day would be pretty dramatic!  I thought we'd be in tears as they wheel Jack away.  We were greatly blessed with a reassuring calmness!  We felt our little boy was in good hands with our surgeon and anesthesiologist.  We knew he'd be just fine!  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cozy Creek Field Trip

Hailey's preschool class takes a field trip every other Thursday.  This week they went to a ranch.  They rode horses, saw an emu and collected their feathers, did an art project, petted goats, and many other things.  

Hailey's favorite part of the day was scooping a fish out of a bucket, naming it, and then releasing it into their pond at the ranch!  She named hers Hailey!  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Outfits

Happy Easter!
My Mom bought the kids these adorable outfits!  Just had to show them off!